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ikonkaSalon Glamour in Birmingham is located 5 minutes away from Erdington train station, walking distance. We are a relatively new and fresh salon that aims to provide high quality beauty services and professional sunbeds.

Glamour is a place where you can feel confident and comforotable. You can completely trust the knowledge and experience of our kind and professional beauty therapists. We provide a wide selection of beauty treatments individually selected for even the most requiring of our clients. We only use recommended and well known cosmetics.

Our professional and compassionate services makes the time spent in our salon a time for relax and true enjoyment, just for you. The salon was created based on a thought to provide a moment of peace and relax for your senses; a break from the busy world outside of it. This is a place created for people that need to take a break from the constant rush and daily responsibilities - it’s a place to relax and finally have a moment for yourself and your body.